She Knows How Much to Push to Help You Grow

Where do I start? Amy has been a catalyst that has changed my life. The missing key to help me understand my existence. If those sound like bold statements, then you realize the impact finding her had on me. I am 39 this year and finally feel as comfortable in my own skin as I did when I was a child.

I’ve been connected to the other side and have had an “overactive imagination” as long as I can remember. I grew to believe it was all my imagination, even thinking I might be crazy. So I shut everything down. My life became confusing and chaotic, as I ignored my intuition and all that was innate to me.

Before speaking with Amy, I had started meditating and doing yoga again, and I had started opening up, not yet realizing it. I was looking on the web at the Forever Family site and kept being drawn to Amy… I know my guides brought me to Amy because she is kind, funny, committed and can relate to so many different people on so many different levels.

I trust Amy completely, and have from the beginning with no questions. She has my best interest at heart, and knows what I need to grow and progress more than I do. She’s given me support and confidence, beyond that of my closest friends. She knows how much to push your growth and when to pull back. What she has done for me in a few short months, would’ve taken me years to even come close to achieving. 

As a student I could not have asked for a better teacher. I have also seen her in action, she has read for some of my friends as part of our work, and brought them peace and closure that they have sought for years. I am honored and grateful to have been guided to her. I highly recommend all aspects of her services.