Unparalleled Professionalism in the Spiritual Field

Amy is an amazing mentor who helped me step into my confidence in just one session. She helped me see how I was holding myself back and provided me with meaningful advice. Her professionalism as a Psychic Medium and as a mentor in the spiritual field is unparalleled. She is truly led by Spirit. I would highly recommend her services!

Danyelle S., Mar. 2019

It has been said, when you sit at the feet of a Master you will know it and I sure did when I personally worked with Amy Utsman for a Medical Intuitive session. From the start, Amy explained what she was feeling, seeing and knowing what my body had to share. And every time she shared the information, it was beyond accurate, and it was extremely insightful. Timelines that my body had been holding onto, were brought forward and clarity for understanding and healing was instant. I ended my experience working with Amy feeling lighter, my heart more open and my mind at peace. Amy has natural gifts that are incredible to not experience, but to see her in action working with Spirit. There are people who come into your Life that there is an instant knowing of who they are and that they are a part of your Soul family and heart. This is exactly what transpired from the first moment I met Amy. Amy is a true Master Healer and I for one am so happy she does the work she does, it’s literally life changing and very enlightening.

Karen A., California

Recommended by Lisa Williams, International Psychic Medium:

When Amy wrote to me asking to be considered into the Master Teacher course, I didn’t hesitate, even though at the time she was not certified through the LWISSD or had I even met her. I completely trusted in Spirit and they were not wrong. Amy is highly gifted as a Psychic and a Medium and also a teacher. She has a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to her teaching — but she ensures that she gets the very best out of you by pushing you past your comfort zone so you can grow. She is friendly and caring and professional, and dedicates her life to her work. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Amy and I look forward to many years working together!

Lisa Williams – International Psychic Medium