By Sharon B. Jones and Nancy Scheel, WMA Faculty

Sometimes we get caught up juggling the “day-to-day” of our lives. You know what I mean … the laundry piling up at home. The report that’s due at work tomorrow. Next week’s play date with the kids. And that mediumship practice you’ve planned with a fellow student.

There’s nothing wrong with focusing on day-to-day details. It’s a significant part of life.

But there’s also something more.

There’s a greater reality. And it’s one we can choose to tune into at any given moment.

In that greater reality, each of us has a higher purpose. Many people believe we’ve come here — incarnated in the physical plane of Earth — to work towards (or realize) that purpose.

Where’s the Finish Line?

As developing mediums, we often set goals for ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously. For example, we want to get more evidence. Hold our link longer. Deepen the conversation with the person in Spirit. Be more confident in our delivery.

Without realizing it (especially if our attention is rooted in the day-to-day) we begin to think of that goal as an actual finish line.

It goes something like this. You’ve been working hard to develop your mediumship abilities. You’ve practiced. Received feedback upon feedback upon feedback. You’ve just gotten to a comfortable place with how your mediumship is working for you.

Whew, you think. I’ve finally arrived!

And then … BAM!

The next thing you know, your guides have changed things up on you. Your comfort has once again become a kind of discomfort.

In mediumship, as in any type of growth, there really is no finish line! Our learning and our “becoming” is never complete. During the course of our development, our mediumship will change time and time again. That’s why your guides change things up! It’s to help you develop even further.

So THAT Happened … AGAIN …

Even more, it’s through life’s challenges that we’re given the opportunity for “chosen” growth.  Have you noticed that the same challenges — in both your personal life and the fine tuning of your mediumship — seem to present themselves over and over again?

There is a higher purpose to this.  Each time a familiar situation arises in your life, you can choose to make a different choice in how you handle the situation. Or you can explore a new way of thinking about that particular situation.

When we pay close attention to how we feel both within our choices and within ourselves, we can begin to make our way to what feels good and most aligned with our authentic selves.

Make the Choice to Grow!

All situations give us the privilege of that potential for learning. New awareness comes to us every time we go within and ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this experience?” Every choice we make leads to the next choice, and the next after that, making infinite growth possible.

Just think about that! Infinite growth.

And with it comes understanding, acceptance, compassion and empathy for ourselves and for others. Our mediumship, same as the broader context of life, is a challenging, miraculous, ever-changing journey. Embrace it!

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