A road down and uphill for a journey

When you think of a journey, what comes to mind? Whether literal or metaphorical, a journey brings change, growth, new perspectives — and even personal transformation.

Sometimes we choose a journey. And sometimes the journey chooses us!

A journey isn’t a straight-line trip. It’s not a non-stop flight from point A to point B. Instead, it has some twists and turns. Some hills and valleys. Times when you wonder: Am I still on track? What is this journey? Where am I going?

At the same time, a journey brings fascinating discoveries. Pleasant surprises. Unexpected achievements. And deeper relationships with others who travel all or part of the way with you.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely developing your mediumship or thinking about doing so. You’ve encountered (or soon will!) the skills — or “mechanics” — of the craft. They include clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognization, and much more.

But learning mediumship is not only about those mechanics, is it? It is a journey, exciting and deeply fulfilling. It’s about self-discovery and growth as a person. Let’s take a closer look at some of the dimensions of that journey.

Your Beliefs

Connecting with the Spirit World (mediumship) can challenge everything we’d previously thought of as true. Growing up, we inherited beliefs from our families and society. Those often include lots of judgments — about ourselves and others. About what we “should” and “should not” do.

Stepping into the role of the medium and connecting with the Spirit World puts us in a different “place” or “state” where we can experience non-judgement and unconditional love. When that happens, we may discover many of our prior beliefs just don’t serve anymore — or even make sense! We find ourselves letting old beliefs fall away as new ones emerge.

Your Emotions

Every one of us experiences difficult emotions at times. (Or we push them away and go numb — which is not any better.) Emotions are part of the human experience — but wow, can they mess things up! Our feelings of fear, insecurity, anxiety or shame can prevent us from stepping out, taking risks and reaching our potential.

When we’re learning mediumship, we can experience difficult emotions, the same as learning anything new. We might feel frustrated or confused at times. We might struggle to understand or put the pieces together. We might feel we’re “not getting it.”

But there’s another angle. All of those emotions (and others) impede clear connections with the Spirit World. And these emotions can leak, unintentionally, into the sacred space we’re intending to create for our Sitter.

So, when we learn mediumship, we also have to learn about our emotional patterns. We discover how we habitually react. We discover new ways to respond with groundedness and confidence. This can be a bumpy road at times, but so worth the effort.

Your Relationships

As you’ve no doubt experienced, some friends and family embrace your journey of mediumship. Others reject it — whether they tell you outright, or simply don’t ever talk about it with you.

You don’t have control over how others think or feel. So, there is a journey of navigating your relationships. That means finding ways to feel authentically connected with others even when you can’t share the excitement of your growth. Or you may discover that it’s time to let some relationships gently go.

Meanwhile, as you discover what is important to you, you can choose to nurture the relationships that support and fulfill you.

Your Self-Care and Boundary Practices

Learning mediumship puts us face to face with our attitudes and habits around self-care and boundaries. Or lack thereof!

If you’d decided to learn a physical sport, you’d do exercises to increase your strength, flexibility and endurance. You’d pay greater attention to your hydration and nutrition, as well as your rest and sleep.

The journey of mediumship is also a journey of self-care, including boundaries. While it’s your soul that makes the actual connections to the Spirit World, your physical body and energy body are also very much involved.

While many of us may resist self-care — and boundaries — we soon discover that it’s really not optional. On the one hand, we find our bodies can absorb and hold onto heavy emotions that are not ours to hold. Over time, that creates new physical difficulties of our own. And, on the other hand, we discover that caring for our body and maintaining healthy boundaries bolsters our mediumship and keeps us energized throughout.

What Is YOUR Journey?

Everyone’s mediumship journey is personal and unique. And if you don’t have a supportive community, that journey can feel quite lonely at times.

If you’ve been focused mostly on the mechanics of mediumship, consider adding in some reflection. Keep a journal. Share experiences with a trusted friend. Explore your changing beliefs, emotional habits, relationships and practices in self-care and boundaries. Find a community of like-minded learners.

Celebrate every milestone. Be loving with whatever must be released. And every so often, pause and reflect on your amazing journey: where you started, where you are, and what incredible experiences lie ahead!