By WMA faculty for Evidential Mediumship Level 1

When you’re doing a mediumship reading, how do you know when you have more than one person (Spirit Communicator) coming through at the same time?

This happens to all mediums, both developing and professional. It’s quite common to have two (or more) people come through at the same time — but you don’t realize it’s happening.

Here’s the typical scenario. Using your clairs, you think you have one person. You’re communicating with them and providing the evidence to your sitter. Your sitter is saying yes to much of what you’re saying. The reading feels like it’s going well, and your confidence is strong!

But then something changes.

Suddenly, you notice the sitter isn’t saying so “yes” so much! Now they’re saying yes, no, yes, no … and maybe, and I’m not sure

When that happens, you might have a little internal freak out! But stay calm.

Now What Do You Do?

Once you’ve noticed your sitter’s answers changing, you can ask your them, “Does this sound like two different people to you? Because sometimes we find two people are quite similar!” Then you can also ask the two people in Spirit to separate. Simply ask them, “Would you please separate?”

Often, they will separate. But not always!

They may both keep talking at the same time. If that was their family dynamic in the physical world — talking over each other — they’re not necessarily going to change it just because they’re now in the spirit world.

In fact, that can be a wonderful, fantastic visit for your sitter! And the fact that the two people are talking over each other is, in itself, a form of evidence.

Respect Each Person as an Individual

Still, it’s important that we give respect to each individual by identifying them — to ensure we first provide enough evidence and facts for each person.

Once we’ve done that, then we can start relaying the different pieces of information or messages as they come. For example, “Okay, now your uncle is saying (such and such) … Oh, and now your mother just cut off your uncle! Now she’s saying (such and such).”

A Few More Tips

Here’s another tip. Keep a note pad next to you while reading. When you feel like you have two people — or your sitter tells you that you do — draw a line down the middle of the page. Then, as a way of keeping track, associate each person with a certain piece of evidence that they’ve given you.

That might sound like, “Okay, the guy with the blue T-shirt says (such and such), and the guy wearing the overalls is saying (such and such).

You may also find that different communicators use your clairs differently. For example, maybe one speaker primarily uses your clairvoyance, while a different one uses more clairsentience. Those differences can also be a clue to separating multiple speakers.

Don’t Be Crushed By the No’s

Notice how important those no’s and maybe’s from your sitter were! When we’re developing our mediumship, we get thrown when we start to hear a string of no’s.

We’ll start to go into our head. Our inner critical voice will say something like …

  • “See, you’re losing it! You’re losing your link — just like always!”
  • “You’re not very good at this. You’re probably making this all up.”
  • “My sitter must think I’m terrible at this!”

Now, sure, any of those things could be true … but they’re probably not! It’s the nature of the inner critical voice to exaggerate and blow things up.

So, this is just a reminder that when you get a no, don’t go to the dark place about it! It probably means something useful. In this case, it’s a great indicator to check whether you’ve got two people at the same time.

Hang in There!

As you continue to develop your mediumship, eventually you get used to it. This does get easier! You’ll often be able to tell what’s happening in the moment. And, your mediumship will change over time as you hone your skills.

All that said, there are always going to be people in the Spirit World who’ll mix it up! So don’t let it throw you.

Are you a developing medium? Evidential Mediumship Level 1 is for people who’ve learned a few basics and want to take the next step — whether for their own connections or to connect for other people.