Blue-green wave

By Nancy Scheel, MS

Bring to your mind’s eye a clogged pipe. (Ugh!)

Now, a dirty windshield.

And a dusty air filter.

Finally … sludgy oil in your car.


Sorry for starting off with such icky visuals. But there’s a reason! They all have something in common: they can’t operate well because they aren’t clean and clear.

Sure, a clogged pipe might sort of work. You can squint your eyes to see through a dirty windshield. And maybe your air conditioner and car are still running … just not efficiently.

Here’s why we’re talking about those things. You, as a living being, have an energy system. And that energy system can be “clean” and clear, or not!

Ideally, our energy system is nice and clear. Energy moves around with no obstacles, flowing easily. That’s our optimal condition. We feel energized, clear-thinking and grounded or centered.

But, similar to the physical body, and all those yucky visuals I described earlier, any part of our energy system can be “clogged,” “dirty,” “sludgy” … or any other word you might use something is NOT clear, open and flowing.

One of our students who works in the technology field shared the analogy of a “queue” jammed up by a file that’s stuck in that queue, preventing the flow of any other files or information. Same idea! Lack of flow.

Enjoy Better Spirit Communication

Because the Spirit World is not tangible and concrete like our physical world, our loved ones and Guides connect with us through our energy system.

We know these forms of communication or connection as “the clairs” —  clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance.

Think of information from the Spirit World as a sort of “packet” or “wave” of energy that comes to your conscious mind by passing through your energy system to your brain. The clearer your energy system, the easier that information can reach you.

And that includes recognizing signs!

Signs are something in the physical world around you that your loved ones make happen to let you they see you and are with you. For example, they might send a random feather floating by, put a coin in a strange place, or encourage a cardinal to tap at your window.

They don’t need your energy system to cause those things to happen. But you are much more likely to recognize them as signs when your energy system is clear. The “energy” of those signs has an easier time getting to your conscious mind where you can recognize, feel and appreciate them.

Why Isn’t Your Energy System Clear?

So many things can affect your energy system. For example …

    • Your unresolved anxieties, worries or concerns
    • Residual “material” from difficult experiences you’ve had, either a long time ago or just the other day
    • Other people’s “stuff” — their issues, feelings, worries, etc. (and not necessarily because they’re “toxic” people)
    • Difficulties in your environment, community or the world at large
    • Allergies or other “irritants” to your physical body

When you develop strong energy boundaries, these things are less likely to occur. (But that’s a topic for another day!)

So, What IS This Energy System?

Let’s take a look. And we’ll keep it simple.

You, like all living things, have an electromagnetic biofield that surrounds and permeates your physical body.

You can think of it like an egg-shaped area going out about 12-18 inches from your body in all directions: out in front, out to the back, above your head, and even below your feet (yup, down into the ground).

Although you can’t see this biofield with your physical eyes, it’s there. And, it connects with your physical body, and runs through it, through chakras (spinning wheels of energy) and along meridians (channels or pathways). These connections affect your nervous system and organs, among other things.

The energy system is often called “subtle energy” because we don’t necessarily feel it as obviously as we do our physical body. It can take some learning to sense it.

But you don’t actually need to be able to sense it in order to help keep it clear and flowing.

Many wisdom traditions have well-developed, in-depth understandings of the energy system — for example, Traditional Chinese Medicine, including qi gong and acupuncture, Vedic traditions (chakras), and yogic traditions. Many energy medicine practitioners, psychologists, and other healing arts professionals have further expanded upon these ancient foundations, creating specific techniques used in psychotherapy, coaching, energy healing and more.

You Can Clear and Maintain Your Own System

Drawing from these teachings, there are many simple and straightforward ways to clear and maintain your own energy field.

As just a few examples, you can:

    • tap your body on identified acupoints (stimulates energy flow)
    • hold identified acupoints or neurolymphatic reflex points while breathing (settles your nervous system)
    • combine intention and visualized imagery
    • combine visualization with breathing or specific hand movements while accessing each chakra one at a time

My friend and colleague Dr. Lynn Karjala describes brief daily attention and maintenance of the energy system as “energy hygiene.” In other words, it’s like brushing your teeth or taking a shower!

Where to Start?

There are many ways you can learn energy clearing techniques. One way is Whole Medium Academy’s Essential Energy Toolkit” class (2.5 hours of experiential learning, covering nine techniques).

But as a very simple start, you can:

    1. Visualize your energy system in any way that makes sense to you.
    2. State your intention to clear it of any dust, debris, yucky stuff, emotions or “baggage” that belongs to others, etc.
    3. Hold your visualization while you also imagine any type of “cleaning” that makes sense to you, such as:
      • Breathing in fresh air
      • “Vacuuming” or “sweeping” it
      • “Showering” it with fresh water, energy, golden light or any pleasing color
      •  And so on! There’s no right or wrong

Whatever you choose to do, do it every day for two weeks. Notice any changes in how you feel and in your ability to notice and receive communication from the Spirit World!

Nancy Scheel, M.S., is a certified coach and certified Energy Health Practitioner. As one of Whole Medium Academy’s co-founders and instructors, she helps accelerate students’ intuitive development through a holistic, “whole person” perspective.