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Want to connect with your loved ones? Connect for others? Connect more strongly and get more information? Grow your confidence? Are you on a path to semi-professional or professional medium?

Welcome to Whole Medium Academy’s blog for developing mediums!

As we begin publishing posts, you’ll find topics for all different levels of development. See below for the kinds of topics we’re planning to share with you!

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Beginners, Get Started

You’re just becoming aware of “the Other Side.” Or perhaps you’ve been receiving signs from your loved ones. Maybe you’ve had a mediumship reading or two. But now you’re interested to try for yourself.

Sample Topics:

  • What exactly is a medium connection?
  • How can you make more connections with your own loved ones?
  • If I’m not getting signs, how can I possibly connect?
  • Do you need to meditate?
  • What if you feel fear or anxiety?

Expand Your Skills — Personal and Pre-Professional

You’ve taken a class here or there and learned some basics about making mediumship connections. Now you’re curious: how can you make longer or stronger connections? How can you get more information?

Sample Topics:

  • What is the difference between a medium connection and a psychic connection?
  • What are the four main clairs we use in mediumship?
  • How do you know which are your stronger and weaker clairs?
  • How can you develop each clair?
  • What if you connect and get … nothing?
  • What is the inner “Critical Voice” and how does it impede connections?
  • What is Sitting in the Power?

Build Confidence and Further Expand Your Development

You know your clairs, you’ve practiced with others in a class or Circle. You might be exploring a path to professional medium, or you’re already charging for readings.

Sample Topics:

  • Why are some Spirit Communicators harder to connect with than others?
  • What is considered “evidence” in a reading?
  • How much evidence do you provide before messages?
  • How do you know the relationship between the Spirit Communicator and your sitter?
  • How can you hold a connection longer?
  • Should you keep your eyes open in a reading, and why?

Enjoy Your Journey!

Learning mediumship is a personal growth journey — and a journey of mediumship skill development. We hope this blog helps you along the way!